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National Print Museum of Spain. El Puig (Valencia)
Museo Nacional de la Imprenta y de las Artes Gráficas de España. El Puig (Valencia)

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The essence of the binding process has not suffered any major variations except in quality and artistic results:

The traditional artistic binding process, when simplified, consisted in:

Preparing the body of the book (printed paper):

  • • Folding the pieces of paper that come out of the printer to obtain sheets or booklets.

  • • Collecting the sheets to form the body of the book.

  • • Sewing the sheets, by hand or machine.

  • • Gluing the spine of the book.

  • • Trimming the outer edges of the book without cutting the part near the spine.

  • • Placing reinforcements on the book spine to keep the sewn sheets compact

  • • Decorating the book edges with ink, gold, inscriptions or drawings.

  • • Pasting the endpapers before and after the body of the book. The endpapers are the sheets that join the body of the book to the covers.

Preparing the covers:

  • • Trimming the covers in wood or cardboard.

  • • Lining the covers: with leather, parchment or even paper.

Joining the covers and the body:
By gluing the endpapers of the body to the inside of the covers.

Decorating the covers:

  • • Engraving the spine.

  • • Engraving the covers.