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Mestre Estellés, Enric (Author)

Alboraya (Valencia - Spain) (1936)

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Technical information:

Material and technique:
Limited edition:

24 x 46 cm.
95 numbered pieces.

Our book on Enric Mestre Estellés
Our book about Enric Mestre Estellés

Biography of Enric Mestre Estellés


Sculptor ceramist and painter of geometric art, has been teacher, has been jury in prestigious international competitions, guest lecturer in specialized workshops around the world and speaker at congresses featured.


1964 The University of Valencia grants to you a scholarship to study over stained glass windows at high temperature at the Lycée Technique Henry Brisson (Vierzon, France).

1972 First Prize of Concurso Nacional de Cerámica de Manises.

1972 National Award in Design Competition Industrial Ceramics Fair of Valencia.

1976 Gold Medal of the State of Baviera (Munich, Germany).

1982 First Prize at the Concurso Nacional de Cerámica de Calvia (Mallorca).

1983 Appointed Academician of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos.

1985 Invited to International Ceramic Symposium. Cookeville-Tennessee. USA.

1986 Invited to International Ceramic Symposium Bechine. Czechoslovakia.

1999 Alfons Roig Award of the Diputación de Valencia to the trajectory of his work.

His work is in museums, private collections and streets:

Nashville (USA), Tennessee (USA), Sevres (Francia), Ginebra (Suiza), Praga (Rep. Checa), Bechyne (Rep. Checa), España: Manises, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Bilbao, Torrente

Exhibited in:

Alemania, España, Japón, Corea, Australia, Finlandia, Francia, Italia, Gran Bretaña, Estados Unidos, Suiza…

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