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Historia de la medicina valenciana


Binding: 3 volumes.

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Historia de la medicina valenciana.
24.2 x 30.7 cm.
Vol 1: 162 pages, Vol 2: 160 pages,
Vol 3: 216 pages.
History of medicine.
Valencia, Vol 1: 1988, Vol 2: 1991,
Vol 3: 1992.
Vol 1: 8485094697
Vol 2: 8485094700
Vol 3: 8485094719
Vol 1: 9788485094691
Vol 2: 9788485094455
Vol 3: 9788485094714
Hard cover; imitation of leather; engraved
Abundant photographs in full colour.

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Medicine and disease are important aspects of the social, economic, political and cultural. You can not properly know the history of a people regardless of epidemics and other serious ailments collective impact, the various forms of science-based medicine, empiricism or magical-religious beliefs, ideas about the human body, the greeting and disease, diagnostic practices, curative and preventive care to patients of different social and health organization. The main objective of this work is to provide a systematic exposition of those aspects along the Valencian history, integrating them into the changing reality of the society and culture of each period, from prehistory to the present.

The second purpose of this work is to give news of the Valencian position in the history of Spanish and European medicine, from a general perspective considering the impact here played by the major international medical currents and the contributions they have made to the people of Valencia. Medicine is one of the more prominent aspects of our cultural tradition, as Valencia for half a millennium have maintained a prominent place in the whole of Spanish medicine, and in some moments of brilliance, have come to be on a first European level.

At the end of each part offers a selected bibliography of major works on the topics discussed, with the main purpose to guide the reader who wishes to expand their information about them.