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Nuestras tierras (5)


Binding: 5 volumes.

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Nuestras tierras.
24.5 x 32 cm.
Vol 1: 346 pages, Vol 2: 360 pages,
Vol 3: 328 pages, Vol 4: 372 pages,
Vol 5: 140 pages.
Valencia, Vol 1: 1985, Vol 2: 1985,
Vol 3: 1986, Vol 4: 1987, Vol 5: 1990.
Vol 1: 8485094409
Vol 2: 8485094417
Vol 3: 8485094425
Vol 4: 8485094603
Vol 5: 8485094948
Vol 1: 9788485094400
Vol 2: 9788485094417
Vol 3: 9788485094424
Vol 4: 9788485094608
Vol 5: 9788485094943
Hard cover with full colour jacket.
Riqueza de color. Muchas fotografías que ilustran la obra, muchas de ellas aéreas y a doble página. También incluye planes de las comarcas, con los pueblos que las componen y con indicación de dónde se hallan castillos, ríos, embalses, montañas, santuarios, balnearios, puertos, fuentes, etc…

Catalogo Nuestras Tierras
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Nuestras tierras is a book which showcases the Valencian Community (comprising the provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia) while making a major and overdue contribution to the literature concerned with publicising and studying the region.

This unique work, highly detailed and rigorous, represents the life’s work of a traveller, scholar and connoisseur of the most beautiful places, features, landscapes and indeed all elements of note in the geography, history, wildlife and architecture of the regions, villages, towns and cities in the provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia.

The 5 or 9 volumes which make up the Nuestras Tierras collection, depending on the set chosen, represent the best possible way for any reader to become acquainted with the Valencian Community or to travel through it. This is a literary pleasure that few regions in the world can boast of.